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September 28, 2014

4PM to 6PM

Unity Health System
Total Sports Experience

880 Elmgrove Road
Rochester, NY 14624

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you feel would be interested

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Please Join us for Ella's Bounce Extravaganza
A fundraising event to benefit the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation


Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (PTHS) is an extremely rare genetic condition caused by a mutation or deletion of the TCF4 gene on chromosome 18. To learn more information about Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, please visit the following website at www.pitthopkins.org.

Unity Health System Total Sports Experience is hosting this event that will be filled with Bounces Houses, Activities, Games, Crafts, Raffles, Presentations, Prizes, and so much more.   We hope you will take part in this very special event!  All donations will help fund research of this rare syndrome so that more knowledge can be attained by the scientific community about this condition and new treatment options explored and developed.

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